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Aakar college board serves both in a community advisory capacity and in a limited administrative capacity, performing certain oversight responsibilities as designated by aakar seva sansthan policy. the aakar board is comprised of members from the business and industrial communities. aakar seva sansthan board policy defines the role and responsibilities of the aakar college board. board members are selected because of their experience, ability, and dedication to deal with issues that relate to the mission of occupational education and are without contractual, employment, or personal financial investment in the college.

mr.ravindra jain


ramgarh, dungarpur
"to be or not to be, this is my awesome motto!"


16 years as pharmacist

areas of expertise

pharmacology and marketing

mr. hardik k jain


"success a milestone, innovation a jarney, bit by bit i will try chage"


(MBA,BBA(Hons.)IT Management,ADGB,DFM )


hr/marketing/information technology management.

areas of expertise

human resource management
entrepreneurial and skill development consultancy.



Kherwara, Udaipur
"to be or not to be, this is my awesome motto!"


7 year as accountant.

areas of expertise

finance management, taxes

rules and regulations


to build the institute as a source of idea and innovation in the emerging global village.

to contribute to the societal enrichment through quality education, innovation and value augmentation.


"to harness students' potential for extra-curricular and co-curricular activities."
"to impart value based education with emphasis on personality development."
"to foster in students a commitment towards society and the nation."
"to provide education to the socially disadvantaged students."
"to facilitate the pursuit of academic excellence."
"to sensitize students to environmental issues."


to focus on integral development of students.
to offer courses and programs in tune with changing trends in the society as a whole.
to update the curriculum as per the need of the business and industry.
to create unique identity in the educational world at the national as well as international level.
to institutionalize quality in imparting education.
to incorporate innovations on a continuous basis in the entire process of education at institutional level.
to create platform for the students for exhibiting their talent and for development of their potentials.
to generate stimulating learning environment for students as well as teachers.
to build cutting edge amongst the students to withstand and grow in the competitive environment at the global level.

our organization

we offer bold, practical and innovative solutions for your career need.
our focus is on the next generation, current, next and future leaders and enhancing collaboration between faith communities.


was registered on 30 oct 2015 as a trust involved in providing educational uplift meat for tribal people.

the dedicated team of aakar seva sansthan is lead by mr. hardik k jain, who strongly believes in technology power to change the future.

he believes that every person must be it literate so that he has an access to the information explosion of the 21st century.