Career counselling

"To promote excellence in professional education, to bridge the gap between education and professional practice, to provide education at affordable price and helping the professionals in career advancement."

Career Counselling is the guidance provided by qualified professionals, after assessing the intelligence, interest and personality of an individual to identify the careers in which the individual will succeed and counsel him/her accordingly. It helps students to select courses based on their level of intelligence, interests, personality and to prepare for appropriate careers.

AAKAR COLLEGE, can help you in all the above to choose that perfect career and chart a successful career path for you.

AAKAR COLLEGE” Counselling fights career issues by holistically catering to the individual’s career interest, needs, aspirations and personal life priorities. Career Counselling services will help individuals:

 Gain exposure to career options from internationally recognized databases of careers
 Focus on careers equivalent to inherent interest and personality scales
 Create a strong career presence thus increasing employability
 Travel the path to a lucrative and growth based career
 Experience career delight at every stage of the career

Through Career Counseling at AAKAR COLLEGE

thousands of working professionals have overcome career obstacles, discovered new things about themselves and gained a competitive advantage which is a key to a successful career.